Sunday, October 17, 2010

With Flying Colours

- introduced by Doreen Lembke
With Flying Colours is an Intercultural Project organised by Parmena Orzetic (teacher) and Doreen Lembke (media designer), taking place in Podu Iloaiei in October 2010.
Partners of the Projects are: 

  • Newspaper, The Nelson Mail, Nelson, NZ
  • Şcoala  "Alexandru I. Cuza", Podu Iloaiei
  • Hospice Unitatea de Asistenţă Medico Socială, Podu Iloaiei
  • Grădiniţa, Podu Iloaiei

About myself
My name is Doreen Lembke. I was born in Germany, since 2005 I have lived in New Zealand. I have a background in the field of Print and Media, and also qualifications to teach English and German as foreign languages. In the 1980s/90s I used to correspond with Parmena Orzetic from Iasi. We reconnected via Facebook and developed a volunteer programme in Podu Iloaiei.

The project involves several activities:

English Club
The English Club is an additional English course for students. The course is divided into English language and grammar lessons, and some media projects, for example creation of a calendar, development of a newspaper, designing of some greeting cards. Both, teachers and students are volunteering to take part. Rooms are provided by Şcoala Alexandru I. Cuza.

Assistance and Visits
I am assisting to English and other classes and also visit to local kindergarte to join some group activities. As an intercultural exchange this allows me getting to know Romania, the people and the education system, and passing on information about Germany and New Zealand.

Web blog for school
As part of the project this web blog has been created. It is an online presence for the school with contact details and info about school and teachers. Additional pages inform about events and happenings at school. Parmena Orzetic will be the coordinator of website in the future.

Volunteer work at Hospice
Assisting caretakers, nurses and kitchen staff are part of my volunteer work at the Hospice which gives me the possibility to get to know the medical and social system in Romania. As part of the English lesson
students will create greeting cards for people living at the Hospice.

Intercultural Exchange
... that is the main purpose of this project. First of all I have a personal interest in different countries and cultures.  I am always happy to offer my skills and knowledge to students and people. I am sharing my experience in Romania with people in other countries. Also an article about this project will be published in a local newspaper in New Zealand.  

download the presentation

Ziarul Lumina a publicat un articol despre proiect aici


  1. ma bucur pentru tot ce am putut face cu Doreen impreuna imi este tare dor de ea si as mai vrea sa o mai vad inca odata....

  2. Prof. Parmena OrzeticDecember 19, 2010 at 11:53 AM

    Multumim, Ema! Voi traduce comentariul tau pentru ca stiu ca avem o cititoare fidela in Noua Zeelanda, pe Doreen Lembke "I'm very happy about everything we could do together with Doreen. I miss her very much and I wish I could see her again."

  3. daca ati putea sa mai vorbiti cu Doreen,sa-i spuneti ca nu numai mie mie dor de ea ci toata clasa.

  4. Prof. Parmena OrzeticDecember 29, 2010 at 12:42 AM

    "Doreen, all the classmates miss you, not only me!". Uite, i-am tradus si prietenei nostre! :)


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